OCaml Workshop and Strange Loop Talks

As a result of great encouragement from colleagues and friends, I gave a few talks in September.

Persistent Networking with Irmin and MirageOS, which I gave at the OCaml Workshop, is a talk on sticking a persistent database into various levels of the network stack. (It includes demonstrations from What a Distributed, Version-Controlled ARP Cache Gets You, as well as an Irmin-ified NAT device that I haven’t yet written up here.) The slides for my OCaml Workshop talk are also available.

Non-Imperative Network Programming, which I gave at Strange Loop, is a talk on building better abstractions for network communications, and how library operating systems make these constructions possible. The slides for my Strange Loop talk are available; for speaker notes, see the raw content.md. Those interested in learning more about library operating systems and unikernels in this context might be interested in a more configuration-focused piece on the MirageOS modular network stack from last year, or the MirageOS network stack code repository itself.

I’m grateful to my friends at the Recurse Center and OCaml Labs for their support in these endeavors and others.